Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hot Docs: Day 1

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Monday April 21

After weeks of frantic anticipation, I finally arrived in Toronto for Hot Docs this morning! So exciting to be a part of the largest documentary film festival in North America! Due to a various errands to prepare for our premier of BLAST! tomorrow, a shampoo explosion in my luggage, and the mixer party in honor of Canadian filmmakers, I was only able to make it to one film – the late night screening of Carny. What a way to start off the festival!

Carny, directed by Alison Murray, offers an intimate and surprisingly beautiful look into the lives of a group of carnival workers. I half expected this film to be a voyeuristic spectacle – relishing the strangeness and 'otherness' of people who don't live or look like the rest of us. What I found was a film that effortlessly portrays the humanity and passion of the carnival workers. I was supprised to learn that most of the carnival workers actually chose to live and work at the carnival, rather than turning to it as a last resort. The main character of the film is Hairy, a delightful young woman with a real lust for life. Like many of the characters, Hairy has had a hard life and a rough childhood. For her, working at the carnival is her chance to have the fun and joy that she never got as a child. It's really a joy to watch her explain how much she loves what she does. After watching this movie, I don't think I'll ever walk through a carnival without thinking about the lives and stories of the people who make it all happen.

Coming up next: Luncheon for Nick Fraser and the BLAST! Premiere

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