Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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Day 2:
What a day! Getting everything prepared for our premiere took up most of my time today. Thankfully, I got to take a brief brake to attend the Doc Mogul award luncheon for Nick Fraser. Nick is our executive producer for BLAST!, so I've actually gotten to meet him a few times before. It was a real treat to hear all of the speakers talk about all of Nick's accomplishments. Being new to the world of documentary myself, I realize I have much to learn, and it's great to know there are seasoned professionals like Nick Fraser willing to go to bat for fledgling filmmakers.

The evening's festivities started off with a reception hosted by the University of Toronto for the BLAST team. It was really great to meet the scientists – after working on the film for the past 9 months, I feel like I already know them! After the reception, it was off to the TDF party, and then the premiere of BLAST! The theater was packed and we couldn't have asked for a better audience. It was really exhilarating to finally see the finished product on the big screen. It has been months since I've seen the film all the way though, and with the hard work of director Paul Devlin, it really pulled together. It was engaging, entertaining and exciting, and judging by the audience response, I wasn't the only one who thought so!

This is the first film that I have taken an active role in since I graduated college last spring. Ever since I was in high school, I used to sit in the theaters and watch as the credits roll by and tell myself – someday my name will be up there. It's not often that you get to fulfill a dream, and I am honored and grateful to have my name on such a great film. Now it's time to relax and see some movies!

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